How to use PostScript

Most laser printer are able to print postscript files directly. So you only have to send the postscript file to the printer. If you don't know how to do this ask your system manager. If you are using unix the program ghostview or gv should be installed so there shouldn't be a problem to view postscript files. In the world of windows postscript unfortunately is not as common. But there is a program which is free to use named GSView. The current version of GSView for windows, windows95 and OS/2 can be downloaded at Leo's archive:

Postscript files usually have the extension .ps or .eps. If the file name is something like the file is compressed so you have to decompress is using gzip386.exe a DOS program. You get it for example from

Put it into your C:\DOS directory, change to the directory where the file is located an type

gzip386 -d

That's it.

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